What We Offer

  • 2 types of video courses with new videos every month

  • Access to students-only group to ask questions to Sensei Nagano

What's Special About These Courses?

There are karate videos on YouTube and on other video courses...so why this one?

  • The ONLY video course directed, shot, & edited by a Japanese Sensei

  • Karate videos on YouTube only cover the surface. Intricate concepts are just difficult for people to understand. That's why this course will go SO MUCH DEEPER.

  • There are courses answering different interests. You can just pick the one that interest you.

Who am I?

Karate Sensei in Japan, Black Belt 3 Dan of Japan Karate Federation. Founder of "Karate Dojo waKu" with 250,000+ subs on YouTube & 200+ online students.

Yusuke Nagano


  • Do I need a lot of space for the courses?

    Not at all! I've designed all videos for you to follow along using your living room. If you can take 3 steps forward & 2 steps to the side, you're good to go!

  • I'm a beginner.. can I still join?

    You should first take the "Karate Workouts" course! When you feel comfortable with the materials, try out the other courses!

  • How long is each video?

    5 to 15 minutes long! So you can casually give it a try without changing your current schedule.