What We Offer

  • 2 types of video courses with new videos every month

  • Access to students-only group to ask questions to Sensei Nagano

What's Special About These Courses?

There are karate videos on YouTube and on other video courses...so why this one?

  • The ONLY video course directed, shot, & edited by a Japanese Sensei

  • Karate videos on YouTube only cover the surface. Intricate concepts are just difficult for people to understand. That's why this course will go SO MUCH DEEPER.

  • There are courses answering different interests. You can just pick the one that interest you.

Who am I?

Karate Instructor from Tokyo, Japan. Head Sensei of Karate Dojo waKu with 200+ students and 340K subscribers on YouTube

Yusuke Nagano

Shotokan 3rd Dan Black Belt


  • Do I need a lot of space for the courses?

    Not at all! I've designed all videos for you to follow along using your living room. If you can take 3 steps forward & 2 steps to the side, you're good to go!

  • I'm a beginner.. can I still join?

    You should first take the "Karate Workouts" course! When you feel comfortable with the materials, try out the other courses!

  • How long is each video?

    5 to 15 minutes long! So you can casually give it a try without changing your current schedule.